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Exhibit Marketing Solutions


FTP service is now available for you to send us your graphics.

Please use the following link to upload your images.

Below, is information on the file formats and media you can use to send us your graphics.



Acceptable File Formats

  • Illustrator CS5 or below
  • Photoshop CS5 or below
  • InDesign CS4 or below (not preferred)
  • Quark 6.0 or below (not preferred)

Photoshop and Illustrator files are preferred, as they are more suitable applications for large format printing. Art time will be charged if files need to be fixed or altered to meet guidelines. When sending files, please be sure to include all support art (fonts, linked images, etc.)

Please note that Illustrator special effects such as glows, transparencies, or drop shadows are not recommended. These effects sometimes have unpredictable results when printing in our system.

Photoshop is preferred when using these special effects.

Font Specifications

Fonts must be converted to outlines. If fonts are not created to outlines, please provide Macintosh or TruType fonts. If changes need to be made in the file, please provide the fonts and a version of the file with editable type.

Color Specifications

All files are printed as CMYK format. Please send files with a CMYK build. Please provide a PDF layout or hard copy proof of the files being printed. If Pantone colors need to be matched please specify on purchase order or hard copy proof. All critical Pantone colors need to be called out in the file as Coated or Uncoated swatches. If color matching is required for Photoshop files please provide a layered file. Art time may be charged to correct flattened Photoshop files. Orders without indication of Pantone colors, supplied proofs or requested hard copy proofs are NOT guaranteed for color.


All raster files (either print files or linked files) must be at 100-120 pixels per inch at 100%.

Vinyl Cut Graphics

All of the artwork must be set-up as vector files with fonts created to outlines. No gradients are accepted for cut vinyl. Please assign Pantone colors for matching.

Submitting Artwork Files

Files are accepted by Email (up to 7MB), FTP site (up to 500MB), DVD and CD.

Murals | Popup Graphics

Mural files must be built as one file. Please note where panel breaks are located and try to minimize the amount of type that crosses over the panel breaks.

Bleed Specifications

All graphics produced require specific bleeds. Below is a general outline for the required bleeds. Mural Popup Files - 1/2” bleed around the perimeter. Tension Fabric Displays - 2” bleed around the perimeter. Please keep all logos, type, and critical information at least 2” in from the visual edge of the graphic. Inkjet Opaque/Transparent Graphics - 1/2” bleed around the perimeter.

Banner Stand Graphics - each product has specific bleed requirements. See product template for specific information. Different printing processes also require different bleeds. All banner stand graphics printed on 4oz. Flag and 8oz. Oxford will require an extra 1” bleed around the perimeter. Inkjet Orbital Truss Graphics - 1/2” bleed around the perimeter. 8oz. Oxford Orbital Truss Graphics - 2” bleed around the perimeter.

Please contact us to help answer your graphics questions.

When sending us your graphics, Exhibit Marketing Solutions will assume that you own or are licensed to reproduce them. EMS will not be responsible in any copyright disputes.


“Thank you very much for an excellent job with our graphics and the Pop-up.
It turned out to be an excellent combination. We were very pleased with the quality
and the fast turnaround for our event. We will look forward to using you again
for future shows as well as highly recommending you to anyone who requires perfection.

It is always a pleasure working with a professional group such as Exhibits Marketing Solutions.”

Andy ( A & A Company, Inc.)



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