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Exhibit Properties

  • For many businesses, trade shows offer a simple and convenient way to directly target relevant buyers in the industry.
  • When attending a trade show, making a statement that rises above the visual roar of neighboring booths is probably the greatest challenge.
  • You need to convey your message forcefully and effectively in just the few seconds that someone spends walking by your booth.
  • Portable trade show displays offer a cost-effective way to make such a statement.
  • Portable exhibits, as their name suggests, can be packed into cases that can be checked onto airlines or transported via standard ground shipping services.
  • This portability allows exhibitors to bring in and set up the displays themselves, avoiding the added complexity and expense of professional movers and builders.

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“We have set up similar tents in the past and feel comfortable
about being able to do so with a little help from some volunteers tomorrow.
Thank you so much for everything that you did to make this a success.
We really appreciate dealing with such a professional company.”

Susan (Huntington Ingalls Industries)



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